Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

This ringtone service is exclusively ad-supported. It serves as an anonymous notifier with fixed messages only. No email address or information about the sender is kept. The information is used once to generate the email to your friend or coworked.

Message Sender:
Please do not use this site to annoy or pester someone. Use it judiciously (i.e., once) to make a statement, specific to their chosen ringtone, to which you would rather remain anonymous. You can of course encourage your coworkers to also send a message, but again, one each.

Message Receiver:
The opinions about your ringtone are those of the person initiating the message, and is not that of the owner of this website. If you received this message, it is simply to let you know that you have an obnoxious ringtone or habitually leave your phone at your desk. Please be considerate of others both in your choice of ringtone and what you do with your phone when you are away.

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